As an Influencer, you have the ability to generate an amazing residual income by promoting our brand! Earn up to 40% off of all the sales that you generate via your personalized website. We have products that people will love to order month after month, so creating a residual income that can change your life is a reality!


Our compensation plan is powerful and simple. How you choose to build is up to you but the goal of your business is to generate customers. And repeat customers are the key!

You earn commissions every time someone purchases any Uncorked products directly from your personalized Uncorked website. Commissions are 10-40%  depending on your Influencer level! If the customer pays full retail, and you are at the Influencer level, you earn a 20%. A Gold Influencer, with 50 or more personal customers, with at least $1500 per month in combined sales earns 30%. Platinum Influencers with 50 or more personal customers per month, or over $1501 in total sales earns 40%.  If a customer uses a coupon code for a product purchase, the amount of the discount reduces the amount paid out to the Influencer.


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