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Our compensation plan is powerful, simple and dynamic. How you choose to build is up to you but the power of each Brand Partner completing their Blueprint is the key to creating an incredible residual income.

First off, we’re giving our Brand Partners 8 different ways to earn income. Our compensation plan is designed to pay out up to 50% of the commissionable volume back to our Uncorked Brand Partners.

Here’s our compensation plan, broken down, to show you the details on all 8 ways you can earn commissions as an Uncorked Brand Partner!

You earn commissions every time someone purchases any Uncorked products directly from your personalized Uncorked website. Commissions are 20% if they are a one-time customer plus the percentage of the volume on that order that you are qualified to receive. If they are a Preferred Customer enjoying wholesale pricing, then you’ll earn the volume on that order that you are qualified to receive (up to 25%). A Preferred Customers is someone that has set-up a monthly recurring order of Uncorked products. You can also generate retail commissions by purchasing Uncorked products at wholesale and then selling them to a customer at the retail price.

Enroll three Brand Partners that purchase any “Experience Pack” within your first 30 days of purchasing your own “Starter Pack” plus create 200 in Personal Customer Volume and earn a $200 Bonus! This bonus can be earned every calendar month!

The Jump Start Bonus is a bonus that is earned based off of the initial sale of a Starter Pack from a new Brand Partner. There are two different Jump Start bonuses that can be earned. The first Jump Start bonus is paid directly to the Sponsor of the new Brand Partner and is 30% of the amount of the Starter Pack that was purchased (minus the enrollment fee). The second bonus is 5% and is paid to the Sponsors Sponsor.

Team commissions are the key to your lifetime residual income! Team commissions are based on the commissionable volume generated from product sales made by your team. Your focus is to create a strong Retail and Preferred Customer base and to build a team of other Brand Partners who create a strong Retail and Preferred Customer base. Team commissions start as soon as you acquire Customers or Brand Partners. As your team builds, your Team Commission earnings will increase.

The Powerline is comprised of 10 individual bonus pools each representing 1% of the total qualified company wide sales volume. Once a Brand Partner reaches a bonus pool, his/her share of that pool is based on the total volume in his/her personal team in comparison to the total company volume from their position and beyond. Help three Brand Partners that you’ve personally sponsored complete their Blueprint and you’ve reached the first bonus pool!

When a Brand Partner reaches the rank of Platinum, a $400 Car Bonus is earned*. In order to qualify for this bonus, you must be Active and in the “3 in 30 Club!”

As an Uncorked Brand Partner, you can earn your monthly ADO (auto-delivery order) for free when you generate 3 times the amount of your ADO in personal customer purchases in a single month. Example – if your monthly ADO is two boxes of Uncorked, then once you have 6 customers purchasing one box of Uncorked each month, your two boxes are free that next month!


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