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The OpportunityFinancial Freedom
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A Launch Freedom Package
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An outrageously-generous compensation plan. A company built on a rock solid foundation (with a team that blends the strengths of management and leaders). Health and wellness products that are pure, potent and formulated with integrity.. Let Uncorked Health & Wellness help launch you into the person you were made to be. Now is the time to take that first step into a better and brighter future for you, your family, and people around the world. Join us today for an opportunity of a lifetime!

Freedom Pack

Our Freedom Pack's are designed to be an exclusive launch package to showcase the many products that we will offer. Once you buy a Freedom Pack, you not only get the wonderful benefits of all of our products, but you also reserve a position in the Powerline before the official launch of the company!

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Compensation Plan

When we created our company, we had one rule, "Let's be extremely generous with everyone." And our Compensation Plan is no exception to that rule. We have created 8 exciting ways for Distributors to get paid - while opening the storehouse to extremely generous revenue streams.

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Freedom To Others

Every Freedom Pack sold along with our decision to be a Cause Marketing Company is helping to bring freedom to people effected by human trafficking all around the world. So with every Freedom Pack that you buy, together we increase awareness and education about human trafficking while increasing financial resources for those non-profit organizations deep in the trenches fighting against this horrific crime.

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