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The Uncorked
Ingredient Difference

gmpWe have made it our primary objective at Uncorked to provide our customers with some of the healthiest products available today. By using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in our formulas, each is able to be presented in its purest state possible, and we are able to commit to offering products packed with the vitamins and minerals a body needs to remain active and in good condition.
We recognize that not all ingredients that consumers are faced with are created equal. The Uncorked difference is that we go above and beyond in our research and in our FDA-registered/GMP-certified labs to ensure that our ingredients have a high level of potency in them that our bodies can absorb effectively, and in turn, benefit from all the nutrients within. This is why a high percentage of our customers are able to experience the effects of an Uncorked product the very first time they try it! Our labs use state of the art GC-MS testing for all ingredients before the blending process and after final formulation is rendered.
Our customers can trust that what they see on our labels is exactly what they are putting into their bodies. All of the ingredients in our Uncorked products are all natural, GMO-Free, gluten-free and *organic when possible. In addition, no sugars or artificial sweeteners are added, with the exception of Stevia in our Uncorked Original packets.

We offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases, allowing unsatisfied customers to send their product back for a full refund.

Live Life Abundantly.