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"Ok so it's been on my mind for a while to share why I love Uncorked. I've had issues with kidney stones since I was 18. Long story short, my diet was terrible. Too much salt and not enough water. Even after being in the ER over five times, my salt intake changed but my water intake did not.
On an average day prior to Uncorked, I would drink an 8-10 oz cup of coffee in the morning, maybe 4-8 oz of water throughout the day and then a can of soda with dinner. Once I started drinking Uncorked, I noticed that I was more thirsty for water and I typically drink at least 48 oz of water in addition to the 8 oz of Uncorked and my cup of coffee. My energy is off the hook!!! I had mono in high school and struggled with being tired all day even prior to having a child. Now, I can keep up with my VERY BUSY two year old without ever uttering the words, I'm tired. I haven't felt this good since childhood, no joke. Dream also helps me sleep much better and I wake up feeling well rested and ready for my day....It's much easier to get out of bed. So thank you David for following God's call on your life through this business and I'm so excited to be on this team!"

Heather Passuello

Trout Run, PA

Heather Passuello  

Live Life Abundantly.