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Uncorked TestimoniesTake a look at how Uncorked
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"The day before my 20th birthday, I was working construction and fell 25ft. I dislocated my left shoulder and got a concussion. Through 37 years of the martial arts I've hurt my knees, my shoulders and my elbows. With my current job, I have to climb a flight of stairs and I feel like an 80 year old man hanging on to the railing to get up them. I also drive a limo every morning. I have tried all the energy drinks out there and none of them worked for me. I was always groggy and tired.
Dave Bradley introduced me to the Uncorked drink, I thought well another energy drink that is not going to work. But because Dave is a friend, I decided to try it out and to my surprise it really worked! The second day after drinking the Uncorked drink I was not tired or groggy, but wide awake and very alert. About two weeks later, I was surprised again while going up those stairs I was no longer holding the rail and I was jogging up and down them, my knees didn't hurt! WOW wide awake, alert and not hurting... what a difference the UNCORKED DRINK HAS MADE IN MY EVERYDAY LIFE!!! I've been drinking Uncorked and taking an Enerlean now for over a year and I've lost over 30 pounds! Thank you Uncorked!"

Ed Lacey

Sylvania, Ohio

Ed Lacey  

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