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Hi! Just wanted to tell you that my daughter, Judy Lacey was talking to me about Uncorked, so I had to try it. I am a believer of the product and am drinking Uncorked everyday and I'm loving it!! I drink half of an Uncorked (8 oz) everyday and I am feeling all kinds of healthy energy!!! I was moving furniture, rugs and moping floors. Oh , and by the way, I will be 84 in a few months. The other night I was in bed and had a music station on TV and couldn't stay in bed so I got up and started dancing! I used to take naps during the afternoon but not any more. I also take the Detox and I love that also!! The Detox works better than anything I have ever tried. I'm on no medication except eye drops for glaucoma. I am a true believer of Uncorked. Thank you David Harris and God Bless!!

Paddy Elson

Paddy Elson  

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