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I am excited to say I am a “Big Picture - Out of the Box Thinker” because of my different learning style, being Dyslexic. However, along with the gifts that Dyslexia has brought to me, I have also have to overcome some huge challenges. ADHD, anxiety, and depression are some of the things that I have had to deal with over my lifetime. In the past I have found unhealthy ways to try to lift the brain fog and lack of energy that I was experiencing (prescription drugs, coffee, and soda drinks). Not having consistent high energy levels also made it challenging been a teacher for over 20 years. There is no time for lack of mental clarity or energy in this profession. Teachers owe it to their students to be “on” all day and give them their best all the time. Coffee in the morning (actually coffee all day) became my best friend, just to make it to 3:00 pm. Sadly… The first thing I would want to do after teaching was to take a nap to rejuvenate. Because I had exhausted myself at school I didn't have any thing left for my own family. Some times the naps worked, but most the time I was still dragging my body around to drive our kids to their activities, make dinner, and spend time with them. It was not uncommon for me to sleep 8 to 11 hours a night and still wake up exhausted. This definitely isn't the live that I had envisioned for my family or myself! This past December a good friend of mine, Ashley Monroe, introduced me to Uncorked. Just after one month of using Uncorked Products I have more mental clarity and calm energy than ever before. Using Uncorked products I experience consistent energy that helps me keep up on every day activities (I don’t experience the ups and downs that I felt with coffee and soda). It actually leaves me with extra to enjoy other things! I no longer need those, almost daily naps, to get things done. I have completed things on my “To Do List” that never seemed to have got finished in the past. I have more energy, stamina, and quicker recoveries from my workouts. I actually feel motivated and enjoyed doing projects, working out, and having fun with family and friends. Thank you Uncorked for improving my sense of well-being and improving my life!

Debbie Harrison

Reno, NV

Debbie Harrison  

Live Life Abundantly.