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Uncorked TestimoniesTake a look at how Uncorked
is changing lives!

“As a woman who has a very busy schedule, I always want to fit my gym time in at least 3-4 times a week when not working. Because of the drain from my job as a counselor, I sometimes don't have the mental energy to want to go and "just do it".
One day while shopping at one of my favorite places, Eco Chic, I saw the uncorked display and read about the wonderful ingredients. I bought 2 little packs, tried one as soon as I got home, and immediately changed into my gym clothes and off I went. With a wonderful attitude and a whole lot of fun energy I had the best workout I had had in a long time!
My husband just turned 80 and although he is slowing down just a little, I started him drinking Uncorked also. He loves it and has now increased his gym time too! We both drink it daily with our afternoon meal, and love the effects on our lives. Can't say enough good things about Uncorked.”

Gayle Belanger
Founder of Live Free Ministry
Vacaville, CA

Gayle Belanger  

Live Life Abundantly.