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Uncorked TestimoniesTake a look at how Uncorked
is changing lives!

Prior to having Uncorked products in my life, I was a two-pots-of-coffee-a day, plus one energy shot and one-Pepsi-a-day girl. Add to that another 2400 milligrams of ibuprofen daily and I was off and running. Of course, the coffee I brewed was not for the fainthearted, but rather was the firefighter/journalism variety that would eat the finish off a spoon. Staying
“up” was a constant battle and deadlines wait for no woman (or man, for that matter).Add to that the arthritis that kicks in at a certain age, complicated by stress related to those pesky deadlines. If you’d have asked me, I’d have told you I was fine.

That said, my “bad” cholesterol level was high, and I was showing signs of moving toward diabetes.
Once I started drinking Uncorked, I immediately noticed that I did not require the boatloads of caffeine that had been part of my diet my entire adult life. When Pepsi would go on sale, my entire Universe would light up and I’d be there daily, stocking up on the maximum allowable quantities until the sale ended. How sick is that thinking? Today, I sail right by without a second glance. I also realized I was no longer craving sweets, was making better food choices without having to think about it and suddenly had no need of ibuprofen.

I tested the theory about pain levels by spending more than two weeks on my hands and knees from sun-up to sundown, painting my covered patio. No pain or stiffness or fatigue. Did I believe it? Of course not. So I skipped a day on Uncorked and paid for it. That was a turning point for me.

Today, I drink one cup of coffee; no soda or energy drinks. My cholesterol is great in every way, I am no longer pushing the borders of diabetes and my liver is no longer screaming at me, as ibuprofen is no longer needed. And this is just from using the Uncorked beverage.

I use Enerlean on occasion, when I want to paint the neighborhood and detox as needed. The new Dream is perfect for people such as myself, who have issues shutting their brains off at night, but who can’t take sleeping meds due to the residual effects for days after, not to mention the chemicals required to make them and possible side effects.

I see how Uncorked has impacted my daughter and how she too, won’t go a day without it. She knows it helps her stay focused and contributes to her school success and keeps her in a space that allows her to meet the rigors of a serious academic and activities regimen. The biggest blessing beyond my own benefits and benefits to family is seeing the positive impacts on others’ in my life who have struggled with major health concerns and today, are back to feeling better and living fully.
I am grateful daily for what Uncorked has brought to my life.

Karel Ancona

Dayton, NV

Karel Ancona  

Live Life Abundantly.