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My now 19 year old son Justin has High Functioning Autism. As his mother I have taken full responsibility for trying anything (within reason and safety) to make his life easier. When I say easier I'm referring to his sometimes lack of energy, lack of motivation which then snowball's into other issues. Last year going into his Senior year of high school, I knew he would need something to help him get through his day energy wise and I hoped it would help him be motivated which in turn would help self esteem. When I was introduced to the UNCORKED products and I personally tried them for myself, I knew that Justin needed to try them as well. I gave him an ENERLEAN at breakfast, an UNCORKED ENERGY drink for late morning, and had him take an ENERLEAN after school. This started working immediately for Justin. His energy level increased, he wasn't so "lazy", he started working out again, and lost some weight!
During this time I noticed Justin being less irritable and nicer, he was able to get through his day without complaining about how tired he was. I will say that his grades seemed to come up as well. Justin started talking about having some goals for himself and this was music to my ears. He is now graduated from high school, works part time, and is getting ready for his first year at Shasta College. Justin knows and has been able to have great interactions with the UNCORKED team. I am beyond appreciative for being introduced to the products as I have witnessed first hand the positive and healthy changes they made for myself and mostly for my Justin!
Thank you Ron and David!

Michelle Madison


Michelle Madison  

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