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Most people know that I'm very passionate about good health and that I am finishing up my nutritional therapist certification simply because I'm excited about helping others get healthy. However, even though I was 'healthy' by the doctor's standards, for the past 12+ years something was wrong, I didn't feel as energetic and alive as I had before, something was lacking in my body.
I am a married mom of 3 boys, homeschooling, living on a ranch in Texas, raising English Bulldogs, very involved in my church with the worship team, the transformation center, & school of ministry as well as teen challenge in our community. I'm often very stretched..... Just like so many others out there. I was what I considered 'high functioning chronically fatigued'. I knew my body was taxed, but I also knew that I should have enough energy to get through my day and then sleep well so I can do it again the next day, and do it all with JOY. Was that too much to ask? Instead, I had been surviving, not thriving, often with back pain and odd random pain flaring up mysteriously, I hadn't slept through the night since childhood, and I had lost my joy. The Dr. Told me I had fibromyalgia, but I'm not one to accept labels & diagnoses that are not full of life, so I rejected it and was determined to continue on my journey of health & healing naturally.
So, just like everyone else, I had been marketed to by every product out there. I tried numerous products and some seemed to work for a few days, but nothing impressed me, nothing made a noticeable difference in how I felt. So, even though I would try it for a few months, even 6 months because I was willing to give it the best shot, I could never recommend the products to others. I saw an offer on Facebook for free samples of Uncorked so I was willing to give it a try; I had nothing to lose. Then I tried a sample of the enerlean and detox. I tried the samples in half doses and felt pretty good, but I was still a skeptic, it seemed too good to be true. So the following day I took a whole packet of Uncorked & a whole enerlean... That was a mistake because I turned into the energizer bunny and attacked 'that one room' that we all have, where we stick everything we don't want to deal with, and I completely rearranged and reorganized it, and over exerted my back! I soaked in the tub that night and took the detox, not understanding how powerful it was.
I have had constipation issues since childhood and would regularly have to take multiple products to keep things moving; there was no way that one little pill would effect me..... Oh was I wrong! Now I have learned, I take 1/2 of an Uncorked per day, 1/2 an enerlean, & 1/2 of a detox everyday. I have more energy than I had in my 20s and I have more joy than I have felt since childhood, and I am feeling strong & 'clean' from the inside out! Friends & family are already noticing the difference in me & I'm excited that it is already showing through!
I'm SO thankful that Papa God dropped this vision into the heart of David Harris & for being willing to click on a free sample link, it has already changed my life!

Melissa McCrery
Nutritional Therapist
Brenham, TX

Melissa McCrery  

Live Life Abundantly.