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My name is Michael Florer and I am a Biomedical Engineering college student living in Texas. I have struggled with ADD for as long as I can remember. I was ‘officially’ diagnosed in 2005 by my pediatrician at the age of 10 and placed on medication. I remember immediately hating how I felt on the medication; I was in a mental fog and I just didn't feel like myself. My parents and I discussed giving it a good try but after a few months we all agreed that it seemed to just trade one problem for another so I went off of it. I always had straight A’s throughout school and was in gifted programs, but it took me 3 times as long to finish my work as my peers and was always the last one to finish an assignment or test. Once I reached high school the issue intensified due to the classes being multiplied, I had less time in each class, and there were more distractions to overcome. I continued to carry my GPA, throughout high school and into college, but it has always felt like I had to do 3 times the mental work of my peers to keep myself focused and maintain my honor status. Then I was introduced to Uncorked and nothing has been the same since! Uncorked’s products have not only provided a significant energy boost for me to stay alert in my morning classes, but they have given me the amazing ability to focus better than I ever have in my life. I noticed it after just taking the products a few times but the proof came to me the other day when I had to take a 50 question test in one of my classes and finished in 24 minutes, making an A! That is unbelievable for me! The best part about it is that I do not get the mental fog feeling of the old medication, I don’t get a jittery feeling from the energy boost, and there is no crash afterwords either! I love that these products are all natural and they are not masking a problem like medication, they are actually feeding my body what it needs to work the way it was meant to. Living life ‘Uncorked’ is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and I cannot ever imagine going back to the way things were.

Michael Florer
College Student
Brenham, TX

Michael Florer  

Live Life Abundantly.