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We decided to try Uncorked for the energy and weight loss products. My husband Gary is on dialysis and needs to lose 30 pounds to be on the kidney transplant list but kidney failure makes it very hard to lose weight. After one week of being on Enerlean and Uncorked, he has lost 7 pounds! Dialysis also leaves Gary with fatigue or in pain that comes and goes throughout each day. We never know how he is going to feel. But these products have brought him back to a normal standard of life! He has energy and clarity of thought! And the DREAM product is also helping him sleep 6 to 7 hours a night rather than the normal 2 to 3 hours. Having my husband function at a more normal capacity is such a huge blessing! Due to these products we were even able to spend a whole day on a date together without him falling asleep. I've lost 3 pounds in one week and weight loss is very hard for my body! We are loving the Uncorked products!!!

Michelle Hicks,


Michelle Hicks,  

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