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"I'm 42 years old, with the craziest life. I teach gymnastics, I have my own catering/prepared meal business, I'm a wine distributor and then juggling my 3 beautiful children and husband. I started using three of the Uncorked products about 8 months ago, the results I have gotten have changed my life! I have lost 19 pounds, my body shape has totally changed. The energy that Uncorked has given me, has helped me with my busy lifestyle. My mood has changed! I feel like I am a better wife and mother since I have been on Uncorked. I take the Enerlean, the Uncorked drink and the detox. When I do forget to take it once in awhile, I do not like the way I feel. It's amazing what this has done for me, I never want to be without it! I so thankful the friends that introduced me to this product, David Harris and for the new friends I have made from people asking me what am I doing that makes me so fit, energetic and happy! I've introduced this to them and has changed their lives as well."

Michelle Ryan
Wife, Mother of three and business owner

Michelle Ryan  

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