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Hi, My name is Phyllis Derks and I want to share with you what Uncorked has done for me.
First I will tell you that I heard about Uncorked from a good friend of mine named Melissa McCrery. Her and I have a lot in common and I am ever so grateful that she gave me some samples of Uncorked to try.
My normal day used to consist of me dragging myself out of bed (always feeling like I hadn't slept) to get that 1st cup of coffee and not wanting to really talk to anyone until I had finished it. I even wear a fitness tracker to see what my sleep pattern is and according to it, I was getting plenty of deep sleep but I still felt very tired and worn out. I had Brain Fog, memory problems, ya know, the things that they say when you get older!
At the end of the day I would make dinner and could hardly wait to get the kitchen cleaned up so I could go rest in my recliner, and I would always say "this feels soooo good, I'm sooo tired" or "Man, I'm sooooo exhausted!"
Melissa had given Me a sample and I shared it with my husband. We each had a half of packet (which by the way = 1 teaspoon as there are 2 teaspoons in each packet) We could not believe how good we felt that day. Our moods were good and both of us got a lot more accomplished that day than what we had anticipated. So even with that happening, I wasn't sure if I wanted to sign up. I got a hold of Melissa and purchased another 5 packets (just to be sure it works and it's not in my head.) Well I ended up signing up because the results are phenomenal! I started waking up feeling good! My days seemed to be getting more organized and I was able to think more clearly.
Before knowing about Uncorked and signing up, I had a list of herbs that I was going to buy... Then when I started researching the ingredients in Uncorked there were a lot of the same herbs and berries in it that I was going to buy. I thought hey, this is exactly what I've been looking for and it's working" so I signed up!
I ended up going 3 days without Uncorked and when it was delivered, I literally ran out picked it up and ran to my kitchen and opened the box, mixed my Uncorked and drank it. Oh yes!! Life is better now. It was three days later that I realized that I hadn't said how exhausted I was in the morning or evening. Plus I gave up my coffee this week and had no problem giving it up after 37 years of drinking it and no caffeine headaches!
Uncorked has helped so many other people in so many ways and a passion of mine is to help others feel well so I want to be a part of this team.. I believe this is the product to do it as I am living proof of how it has helped me and the word of our living testimony is a pretty powerful thing!
God gave us all that we need to be healthy in a natural way, so lets do this!! Lets Help others get Healthy and Uncorked.

Phyllis Derks

Sealy, Texas

Phyllis Derks  

Live Life Abundantly.