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I remember being a kid and falling asleep so easily riding in the car. It was a wonderful, sound sleep. Now that I’m in my golden years I find that sleeping is a challenge. The fast pace of the workday, the general thoughts that keep creeping in at night won’t let me get to sleep, let alone stay asleep. Typically I’m a light sleeper and every noise wakes me; then my mind is off and chasing thoughts. I find myself fighting to get back to sleep. Being awakened multiple times during a night I would wake in the morning groggy and struggle to concentrate throughout the day. I started taking “Dream” 10 days ago. Right away I found my sleep to be immediate, more sound and if I did wake up I was able to enjoy falling back to sleep so quickly I didn’t realize I was even awake, even if I had to get up. Each night I found that I was waking fewer times and last night I actually slept 8 ½ hours without waking once. Now that’s a dream come true for me. No pun intended. I feel more rested and able to conquer the challenges of the day, thinking more clearly and just better equipped to handle whatever comes. My mood is lighter and I just feel a new briskness about life I haven’t felt in years. Thanks to Dream I’m looking forward to better sleep when I need it. I’m so thankful to finally find an answer to my sleepless nights.

Robin Davis

Redding, CA

Robin Davis  

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