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"I would like to share what Uncorked Wellness drink has done for me. Over a year ago I was taking every medical test (almost every anyway) out there. I have many health issues from Fibromyalgia to Hypoxemia and more. Quite a few of my girlfriends had taken up running. I was desirous of joining in on the fun. Once I was done with all the tests and much prayer, I decided it was time to get out and try living again. Pain, tiredness and a lack of oxygen are my biggest enemies.
I started walking more and more with my oxygen back pack on my back.
I had been watching Wendy Underhill talk about how Uncorked had given her energy and reduced pain, where no other drink, pill or item had done before. I finally asked her about it. She gave me a few packs to try so I asked my Pulmonary Doctor about Uncorked. I received the all clear, just don't overdo it. I drank my first Uncorked a few days prior to my next running race. I had more energy and felt great! I brought some Uncorked with me to my 2nd Running Race and drank it. I finished the race 1 whole minute faster than my first race!
I shared my race times and feelings about the renewed energy Uncorked had provided with the Doctor. She said she was so proud of me living a little, stepping out and that she was truly amazed. Last, like to say, God is good (I thank Him as often as I can) and I am thankful for Uncorked, you should give it a try!"

Robin Hoffman

Dayton, NV

Robin Hoffman  

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