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Hey there!

I wanted to send out a little testimonial on your products. Thus far I have tried the Uncorked packets and the Detox capsules.

The Detox capsules helped me to lose 4 pounds, which doesn't seem like much, but it really helped to clean out my system. I used to weigh 504 pounds, now down to 333, but have never done a detox after loosing that much weight. The inside of my body literally feels lighter and in fact, I plan on continuing to use the detox pills because of how much it did for my body.

The Uncorked packets have been a beautiful miracle. I was really skeptical to try them because I am allergic to so many things, and I generally don't trust that these things really work. But...I had to try something. My workouts were just hurting way too much.
I have suffered from Fibromyalgia since I was 16 (14 years) and I have to say that Uncorked is the only thing that has helped to rejuvenate my body and help me to be able to function the next day after a big work out. Because I have been able to feel rejuvenated, I have upped my workouts and am feeling more human throughout the day instead of feeling like I am out of whack. Being able to work out every day and up my workouts has helped me to lose another 3 1/2" off of my belt line.

I don't know if you guys are in with the Fibromyalgia Association or have anyone who can try new products for you who suffer from the disease, but it is an amazing product that has really helped me and I'm glad that I took a chance.

Thanks again so much!

LaRae Stevens

Charlevoix, MI

LaRae Stevens  

Live Life Abundantly.