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I wasn't expecting or looking to join Uncorked, and in fact I said I would not be involved before I even knew what it was about. Making an uneducated decision is never a good thing. When you are meant to do something, God has a way to present it to you even though you might not realize it. It's funny, but I actually found myself reaching out to Ashley Monroe based on her testimony she posted on Facebook, and she offered me a sample. Once I tried Uncorked and experienced immediate results then I knew I should check out the opportunity.
After learning more about Uncorked and speaking with David, I knew I couldn't pass this blessing up. I immediately jumped in and since I have been a part of this amazing company I have found more joy and a bigger purpose. I have it on my heart to spread the word and the message of what Uncorked has to offer everyone. They have outstanding, effective products but for me it goes way beyond the products.
When I look around I see people in bondage with their jobs. I absolutely love my job but I am a slave to it and it consumes me. It effects my marriage and my children. I know I am meant for bigger things and now I see that with Uncorked, I can have freedom to be more and I get to share with so many others and teach them how to achieve freedom. It's exciting to know that we can all come together to support each other allowing us to be set free financially and spiritually.
I am so thankful to have Ashley in my life and now Uncorked. I have been praying for awhile about what I can do to make an impact and have that relationship with God again. I had no idea what was in store for me by joining and I am so glad that I didn't let fear or stubbornness keep me from this gift. As soon as I said yes then I had 4 people sign up and so many wanting to try a sample. I think this is what you call doors being opened. I couldn't believe it! I received a $200 check within two weeks of joining. I feel stronger in my marriage and believe in my family again. I pray that people's eyes are open to this opportunity and that they don't let fear keep them from experiencing God's blessings and from experiencing true freedom. Can I get an "Amen" in the house?

Victoria Alexander

Savannah, TX

Victoria Alexander  

Live Life Abundantly.